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It Started in 1995....

It’s all about opportunities…That’s what Bobs’ boss said over lunch as he told him the company had been acquired by Disney and that he would not be a part of that acquisition. That boss, who was also a friend and mentor helped Bob, who had just come off Stage Managing a Broadway Show, to establish what would later become Me3 Productions. By help, he actively worked to transition his existing contracts to Bob, which included a new budding relationship with DreamWorks Studios which had just launched in 1994. Within weeks the company grew into a full blown LLC with new partners including Rebecca Casey. 

We quickly grew serving the production needs of a new studio’s marketing and distribution arms. Soon Me3 Productions was traveling the world not only for DreamWorks but for several corporate clients. Through the years we produced major event’s at film festivals domestically and Internationally including the prestigious Cannes Film Festival where we had a ten year run working for DreamWorks, Paramount and Fox Studios. 

Along with the studios,  our clients include Pharmaceutical Companies, Destination Management firms, Agencies, Sports Organizations, Entertainment Companies, Corporate Clients and many charities. Oh, we also worked with 2002 Salt Lake Olympics Committee, producing their Olympic Torch Relay Signature City torch arrival ceremonies across the USA. 

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We Love Producing

We are passionate about making things work. Whether we are producing the entire show or serving as a part of the big picture, we love what we do. Coming to age working with studios taught us the importance of not being the focus but to understand our role, which is to lead, support and serve. We don’t just promise service, it is  the guiding principal of Me3 Productions.

We Are Stress Adverse

It’s not that we deny stress enters into event production, it certainly does.  We take on the stress and work very hard to alleviate it as much as possible. We are constantly working to stay ahead so that surprises and stressors are headed off. 

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